The Inspiring Ideas Challenge (TIIC) 2018

In 2018, 76 applications were received for The Inspiring Ideas Challenge. Applicants had an opportunity to submit one application under the following four categories;

  • Bringing Big Ideas to Life
  • From Little Things, Big Things Grow
  • Building Better Workplaces

21 teams were shortlisted to pitch their idea to an Executive Panel to gain the TIIC of approval to test their idea.



Clinical design support tool CDSS. As a proof of concept, it is proposed to limit the first instance of the CDSS to POWH, already addressed by the STOP project.

Emergency Department, POWH

AROP 2.0

Expanding AROP would increase the patients benefiting and further reduce average acute hospital LOS, however this would mean incorporating patients from outside the immediate hospital area and those with some co-morbidities. We would look to engage partners in the technology and research spheres to ensure that we have optimum technology that is patient centred and user friendly.

Physiotherapy, POWH

Implementing eAlerts for AKI

A novel program to reduce morbidity and mortality of patients with AKI. We will use validated algorithms to identify patients with AKI within 24 hours of admission. After automated identification, an interruptive eAlert will be generated within eMR.

Nephrology, POWH

Red Bag, Green Bag

A consistent and sustainable approach to the management of Patient's Own Medications (POMs) and hospital-dispensed inpatient medicines within SGH.


Centralised Nurse Led Model for a Vascular Access Service

Establish a centralised model for nurse-led insertion of vascular access devices at St George Hospital to facilitate appropriate device selection and management of peripherally inserted central catheters.

Cancer Services, STG

Virtual clinics for rapid assessment and access to endoscopy for bowel cancer screening and follow up

To implement a virtual clinical model for rapid assessment of patients with a positive faecal occult blood test, per-rectal bleeding or other symptoms/history pertaining to bowel cancer.

Gastroenterology and Hepatology, STG

Rockdale Family Health and Social Care Hub

To create a community-based hub of services to improve the health and wellbeing of families raising children 0 to 12 years of age.

Child, Youth and Family Services, PICH

SESLHD / ISLHD Rehab Referral Database into eMR

To design, develop and implement functionality currently held within an existing standalone SQL Rehabilitation Database into eMR to ensure functionality, sustainability and efficiency in co-ordinating the referral, transfer and admission of patients for rehabilitation in SESLHD and ISLHD.

Rehabilitation Services, TSH


Gayan Muru 'Great Path’

The plan is to reinvent SESLHD First Nations engagement practices and in turn increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.

Human Resources, Workforce Services

What can the Diabetes Education Team learn from Universal Home visiting?

To test the theory that a follow up visit by a member of the Diabetes Education team in the home of an elderly person with a diagnosis of diabetes who has been discharged from SGH and lives in the Rockdale LGA will have a positive influence on the re-admission rate of patients to SGH.

Diabetes Education Centre, STG

Trial of an ED medication reconciliation support officer as a cost minimisation resource for medication safety.

The medication reconciliation support officer project will establish the viability of an innovative model-of-care for pharmacy services in the ED with a goal to increase the quality and completion rate of admission .

Pharmacy, STG

Peer outreach wellness coach and healthcare navigator (PoWCH Navigator)

A novel health coaching intervention, which seeks to redress the discrepancy in life expectancy between individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) and the general population. The project will deliver a health coach to consumers who are engaged with SESLHD-Eastern Suburbs ambulatory care mental health service, who are receiving a Long Acting Injectable (LAI) antipsychotic medications for SMI.

Maroubra Centre, Mental Health Services

Healthier Lives After Stroke

A lifestyle, education and exercise class for patients discharged from POWH following a TIA or mild stroke. This program will be designed to not only prevent further cardiovascular events but to also improve overall health and quality of life for these patients using a physiotherapy-led multidisciplinary holistic approach.

Physiotherapy, POWH

Resident Guide App Trial (The Modern Hospital Handbook for Doctors in Training)

Implement and pilot the Resident Guide or similar product for 12 months which will enable safe, effective and efficient orientation, education/training and wellbeing support for Junior Doctors in Training.

Prevocational Education and Training, POWH

HOPE (Homelessness Opportunities Presentation to ED)

We aim to better engage and understand our patients to improve their overall health outcomes. With evaluation of data, improvements and streamline of clinical care and referral processes for homeless patients through staff education and assessment templates linking support services, discharge packs, identification and improved models of care.

Emergency Department, SSEH

Enhancing a non-pharmacological approach to BPSD; Diversional Therapy in Killara Extension

We would like to incorporate the skills of a Specialist Diversional Therapist to further enhance or non-pharmacological approaches to care for patients in the Killara Acute, Aged Care ward.

Aged and Extended Care, TSH

KIS (Keep It Simple) the waiting list goodbye

To decrease the waiting time for children and their carers to access Paediatric Occupational Therapy (OT) Community Health (CH) Services by implementing an evidence based model of service delivery and prioritisation system based on the CAPA (the Choice and Partnership Approach) approach.

Caringbah and Menai Community Health Centres, PICH

The ONE Study (Overdose & take home Naloxone in Emergency settings)

To prevent opioid overdose morbidity and mortality in patients presenting to ED  through a pilot project that will develop implement and examine the feasibility of a take-home naloxone (THN) brief intervention at POWH ED, using a new intranasal naloxone formulation, Nyxoid.

Drug and Alcohol, PICH


Gunyah Ward Winter Survival/Wellness Project

This project is an extension of the Gunyah Ward Winter Survival Wellness plan.

Gunya Ward, TSH

Exploring the experience of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma in SESLHD hospital social workers

To improve the wellbeing of social work staff employed in SESLHD specifically the experience of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma in hospital social workers. We will identify gaps in supports for staff and develop suitable workplace protocols and training.

Social Work, District Allied Health

Check, please!

To reduce physical harm to patients and psychological harm to staff by improving reliability of second checks for high-risk medication administration events.

Nursing and Midwifery and Pharmacy, STG