Clinical Governance and Medical Services

The Clinical Governance and Medical Services Directorate, has primary responsibility for strategic and professional leadership of clinical governance and medical services across South Eastern Sydney Local Health District.  The Directorate works with clinical staff, executives and managers to strengthen clinician involvement in decision-making, strategic service delivery and clinical practice improvement.

Other key responsibilities of the Directorate:

  • Lead the governance of medical services across the organisation, including structure, credentialing and scope of practice, and development of policies and procedures.
  • Provide high level expert advice on all medical workforce matters, including workforce professional development and professional competency, medical workforce planning and strategy.
  • Provide direction and expertise on the organisation’s clinical governance function, including quality, accreditation, incident management and patient safety programs.
  • Lead, direct and oversee the initiatives, activities and performance of District disaster management functions.
  • Manage and advocate for patient safety and clinical quality across SESLHD to foster a culture of continuing improvement to provide safe and optimal care for patients.
  • To govern district wide committees and processes, including:
    • SESLHD Clinical and Quality Council
    • Drug and Therapeutics Committee
    • District Forms Committee
    • New Interventions Assessment Process (NIAP)
    • Management of Complaint or Concern about a Clinician Panel (MCCC)
    • Health Records and Medico-legal Committee
    • Emergency Management Committee
    • SESLHD Directors of Medical Services
    • Recruitment and local recruitment policy for all medical staff, including the Senior Medical and Dental Officer Appointment Advisory Committee (MDAAC)
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