New Interventions Assessment Process (NIAP)

SESLHD has an established process for clinicians to introduce new and/or altered interventional procedures, technologies and treatments by providing standard processes for assessment and approval, to ensure that patients, clinicians and managers can be confident that new interventions are supported by evidence of efficacy, patient safety and effective resource utilisation, and can be safely performed within the available resources.

The overall objectives are:

  • To provide a framework for the safe introduction of new interventions into clinical practice
  • To ensure that decisions around the introduction of new interventions take into consideration a range of factors that relate to appropriateness, scientific evidence, staff training and credentialing
  • To provide mechanisms for ongoing monitoring of the efficacy, safety and efficiency of new or altered interventions.
  • To encourage innovation and improvement in clinical practice
  • To ensure that the Clinical Streams are actively engaged in leadership and decision-making around new interventions.
  • To ensure that clinicians applying the new interventions are appropriately credentialed.


What do we mean by new ‘Intervention’ or ‘Health Technology’?

Any interventional procedure, technology or treatment (including the use of medical devices, Point of Care (POC) diagnostic machines, implants and processes of clinical management) which is entirely novel, substantially different, has not been available previously, requires training or new process/es development from the alternative (which may or may not already being conducted in an SESLHD facility), and which has the potential to impact upon patient safety, efficacy and/or cost effectiveness. 

Where there is any doubt about whether the proposed new intervention is "substantially" different from an existing intervention, the applicant should discuss the issues with the facility Director of Clinical Services and, if required, involve a District Medical Director. 


Clinical Governance and Medical Services Directorate 
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