Senior Medical Officer Services

The SESLHD Senior Medical Officer Services encompasses:

  • Secretariat for Medical and Dental Officer Appointment Advisory Committee (MDAAC)
  • Appointment of Staff Specialists, Visiting Medical Officers (VMO), Post Graduate Fellows, Clinical Academic, Honorary Medical Officers (HMO), HMO in Training, Visiting Practitioners (VPs)
  • Manages the credentialing and re-credentialing of Senior Medical Practitioners
  • Maintaining SMO Services Database – database of all senior medical officer appointments/scope of clinical practice
  • Temporary appointments and extensions
  • FTE changes
  • HoD/Managerial Allowance –add/cease/change
  • SMO Database Resignations
  • Urgent temporary and non-urgent and permanent changes to scope of clinical practice
  • Issuing contracts and letters to Senior Medical Officers
  • On boards Senior Medical Officers to payroll/Vmoney
  • Manages Online Performance Review System for all Senior Medical Officers
  • Manages Online Outside Practice systems for Staff Specialists
  • Rights of Private Practice (ROPP) election process, now eROPP through Stafflink
  • Grade Step Progression Applications (Staff Specialists)
  • Elevation to Senior Status Applications
  • REQ Approvals and advertiseing
  • Applicant Management for all Senior Medical Officer advertisements
  • VMOIRS Management –Visiting Medical Officer Incident Reporting System
  • APHRA Registration checks
  • WWCC compliance checking and maintenance
  • TESL online system
  • VMO Quinquennium

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