The Inspiring Ideas Challenge (TIIC) 2017

In 2017, 81 applications were received for The Inspiring Ideas Challenge. Applicants had an opportunity to submit one application under the following four categories;

  • From Little Things, Big Things Grow
  • Accelerate
  • Cultivating Joy at Work
  • The 200K Challenge

27 teams were shortlisted to  pitch their idea to an Executive Panel to gain the TIIC of approval to test their idea.



Shared e-Care Plan for Long Term Cancer care To establish a web-based electronic care plan, shared between cancer specialist services, general practice, other providers and patients.

Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre (POWH)

Establishing an Aboriginal D&A Workforce in SESLHD To enhance access and engagement of Aboriginal people with substance abuse problems to a range of D&A services through the establishment of a network of Aboriginal D&A workers and consumer positions Drug and Alcohol & Aboriginal Health Unit (PICH)
SESLHD Non-stock Barcoding Project To progress non-stock barcoding across the LHD Procurement Unit (SESLHD District Finance)
Corneal BioPen To create a corneal BioPen which would allow the treatment of surface corneal disease to reduce pain and accelerate healing. Conditions treated may include acute ulcers, non-healing ulcers, corneal melting conditions and complications following corneal laser refractive procedures such as dry eye diseas NSW Organ and Tissue Donation Service
P.A.R.T.Y – Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth To reduce injury in our youth - provide young people with information about risk taking behaviour enabling them to recognise potential injury producing situations, make informed choices, and decide to behave in a way that minimises risk. Trauma Service (STGH)


Multidisciplinary Cataract Pre-Assessment Clinic Develop a multi-disciplinary approach to cataract screening which utilises the clinical expertise of nursing and orthoptic staff in cataract assessment

Eye Outpatients (SSEH)

Electronic Integration for ECG in the ED To allow ECG's to be recorded directly into the electronic medical record in ED Emergency Department (POWH)
Unconstrainted movement therapy: A SESLHD approach To develop a sustainable model of delivering community based constraint induced movement (CIMT) therapy program across SESLHD Occupational Therapy (SESLHD-wide)
Accelerating ERAS towards 2020 To maintain colorectal model and to implement and develop the ERAS model of care to urology, upper gastroenterology and vascular surgeries. Surgery and Peri-operative service (STGH)

Improving efficiency and clinical outcomes through integration of point-of-service kiosks with Community Health eMR

The main objective of the project is to develop and support the integration of existing kiosks with CH eMR. HIV and Related Programs Unit (HARP)


VISILERT – visual reminders to monitor and promote patient rounding to reduce falls To provide and efficient evidence-based intervention that decreases the number of falls and improves patient safety. The Visilert system will help avoid burdensome rounding logs and assist in maintaining positive involvement while also introducing a team approach to proactive patient care.

Killara Rehab (TSH)

Safe Walking track on Sutherland Hospital Campus To link existing pathways around the hospital grounds to create a safe walking track and to encourage staff, visitors and clients to exercise. The aim is to encourage staff/ clients to get out of the hospital and exercise in their meal breaks This will reduce fatigue, staff burn out, increase productivity by increasing staff health and mental state. Sutherland Hospital Work Health & Safety Committee
FROM LITTLE THINGS BIG THINGS GROW Come On, Let’s Dance: A Dance Program for Falls Prevention To reduce falls in older adults over 65 years by improving balance, strength, mobility and cognition while improving their quality of life (QOL). The program will achieve this by weekly dance classes that fuse evidence based exercises with dance choreography. Southcare (TSH)
Dads Only Circle of Security Parenting Group Assess the feasibility of delivering a fathers only positive parenting program. Child, Youth and Family (TSH)
Educational Support Group for Family and Carers for ESMHS. It is proposed that the Rehabilitation Unit will run an eight week educational support group for family and carers. To give staff opportunity to work with family and carers to improve / enhance understanding of issues encountered by family and carers. Enhance the ability of family and carer to access and provide support in order to strengthen their ability to provide appropriate care. Eastern Suburbs Mental Health (Mental Health)
Opioid Stewardship Program across SESLHD To establish a pharmacist-led Opioid Stewardship Program that capitalises on eMEDs implemenation at POWH, RHW and TSH. Pharmacy (SESLHD-wide)
Multisensory Environments in Dementia Care To create a multisensory environment and interventions that are designed to meet the needs of people with dementia. Diversional Therapy (Garrawarra Centre)
ROTEM in Obstetric Care Point of care testing using a ROTEM machine which performs a coagulation test and allows the necessary treatment to be directed specifically and more accurately compared to standard current practice which is non-specific and not as accurate.  Using goal directed treatment with the ROTEM has the potential to decrease complications as a result of blood transfusion and blood products but also has the potential to save the lives of mothers and babies. Department of Anaesthetics (RHW)
Rolling on: a Diversional Therapy program to enhance the health, well-being and reintegration into their community for patients who incur a spinal injury. Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software package incorporating natural language recognition that identifies fracture and discards reports where fracture is not identified or specifically excluded. Allied Health (POWH)
The right kind of 'viral': social media for public health messaging. To develop the use of social media for priority public health messages and fully evaluate the impact on community engagement Public Health Unit (DPPHE) 

Secondary Fracture Prevention Screening of Radiology Reports

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software package incorporating natural language recognition that identifies fracture and discards reports where fracture is not identified or specifically excluded. POWH