A Healthy Workforce

SESLHD workplaces enable our people to undertake meaningful work, connect them to each other, and encourage them to make choices that support their positive wellbeing.

SESLHD aims to provide a supportive and engaging working environment that enables our staff to partake in a meaningful experience that connects people to each other and to patients and brings out the best of ourselves and each other. 

The CORE Values underpin our approach to the wellbeing of our people. We foster collaboration, openness and respect in the workplace empower our employees to be their best.

At each facility/directorate, we have Wellbeing Ambassadors, who engage with local staff and seek their ideas and feedback on implementing local wellbeing initiatives and activities.  The wellbeing initiatives is link to SESLHD Wellbeing Calendar where each month there is a wellbeing theme. 

SESLHD staff also have access to a range of benefits to support their wellbeing:



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