Integrated Care Unit


The NSW Strategic Framework for Integrating Care describes integration as an approach that aims to deliver seamless care within the health system and its interface with social services. It places people at the centre of care, providing comprehensive support for individuals with complex needs and enabling individuals to access services when and where they are needed.

The delivery of safe, person-centred and integrated care is a strategic priority of the district’s Journey to Excellence Strategy. The unit supports this strategy by implementing the SESLHD Integrated Care Strategy in collaboration with the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network and other service partners.

The SESLHD Integrated Care Strategy encourages the delivery of innovative, integrated service models to target areas of need. There is a particular focus on supporting vulnerable people with complex, chronic conditions. 

The Strategy also supports developing and enhancing the system-wide enablers that support service integration. 

The unit is responsible for implementation of the following three NSW Health initiatives: 

•    HealthOne NSW
•    Integrated Care for People with Chronic Conditions
•    NSW Integrated Care Strategy

Evaluation of Integrated Care Unit initiatives is supported by the South Eastern Sydney Research Collaboration Hub (SEaRCH), University of NSW.