Make a Referral

Who can make a referral?

You, your carer/significant other or other services on your behalf, can make a referral to the HIV Outreach Team. Other services can include your doctor, hospital staff, sexual health clinic staff or community agencies.

Referral eligibility

How to make a referral   

Referrals can be made by:

What happens next?

Once received by the HIV Outreach Team, the referrer will be contacted. If the referral meets the eligibility criteria and the client has given permission for the referral, a case manager will be allocated at the next Clinical Review Meeting, held each Wednesday. The case manger allocated will aim to contact the client within one week to make an appointment.

Client Assessment and Screening

The allocated case manager  will conduct a comprehensive  assessment. All clients and carers receive a pamphlet outlining their rights and responsibilities and clients are then required to sign a consent form. Signed consent allows the clinician to advocate on the client's behalf and liaise with other services to improve continuity of care.

The case manager will develop a plan of care, using a client centred approach. The case manager will then conduct ongoing health screening and reviews (as negotiated with the client) using a case management approach.