Our Vision, Purpose, Values & Principles

Why do we do what we do

We are a team that is driven to assist people living with HIV to live a purposeful and productive life. We believe that HIV should not be a barrier in people being able to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

How we do it

We work in a person centred, strength based and trauma informed way to assist clients to be self-managers in coordinating and managing their desired goals.

What we do

Our very experienced multi-disciplinary team provides care coordination, advocacy and education in in an outreach setting. 

Our Values

Collaboration and inclusion - We value the importance of partnerships.

Working with strengths - We acknowledge that everyone has strengths.

Integrity - We uphold our values and principles in all aspects of our practice.

Our Principles

Empathy - We work towards understanding clients lived experience.

Respect - we will earn the respect of our clients.

Co-production - we will place clients at the centre of their care.