Frequently Asked Questions


Will I get paid?

Yes, if your EOI is successful you will be reimbursed for your contribution.  Each EOI will provide the details of remuneration.


What is the time commitment?

The time commitment is dependent on the activities undertaken. Some projects will have a set time of engagement whilst others will vary based on need. Estimated time commitments will be outlined as part of any EOIs released.


If I join the mailing list, who will see my details?

The Consumer Representation website mailing list will be managed by the Consumer Partnerships Coordinator in consultation with the project specific "Who is Listening".


Can I join multiple projects?

We encourage participation on a variety of opportunities on offer. How much or how little depends on your own commitments and interests.


What happens if I cant attend a meeting?

If you are unable to attend a meeting - please contact the convener of the meeting as soon as possible to flag your absence.


Are there different ways I can engage in consumer representation?

This website will house several different opportunities for engagement including projects, committees and feedback sessions as well as other various opportunities.


Are meetings in person or online?

This will vary depending on the meeting and various circumstances.


Do I have to live in SESLHD?

We invite people from across the area including those from outside SESLHD to submit EOIs.