Needle & Syringe Program

Free needle and syringe program, available 24/7

During opening hours, our helpful and knowledgeable staff can supply a full range of injecting equipment as well as condoms and lube.


Dispensing machine

There is also a free 24-hour machine in front of the front of Kirketon Road Centre (KRC) so you can access injecting equipment outside opening hours. The machine supplies 10 x 1mL syringes, water, cotton, spoon, and swabs in a reinforced box.

Needle disposal

You can return your used sharps to KRC. There is a 24-hour disposal bin outside the building. We also collect sharps inside the KRC and Clinic 180.

Needle exchanges near you

If you’re looking for a Needle and Syringe Program closer to you in NSW check out this up to date directory.

If you live outside inner Sydney, most Needle and Syringe Programs collect used sharps and will supply you with safe disposal bins. For more information you can check out the Safe Sharps website. On this website you can find a convenient disposal site, and also upload information about sites that are not yet listed. There are currently 1600 safe sharps locations listed and this will only grow as councils, pharmacies, Needle and Syringe Program providers and users share new information.

Free, anonymous care

Our services are:

  • confidential
  • anonymous 
  • free

More information

For further information give us a call on 02 9360 2766.