Healthy Liver Clinic

Help for Hep C + B

The Healthy Liver Clinic provides dedicated hepatitis C and hepatitis B assessment, treatment, monitoring of liver disease, information, and support. Assessment and testing for hepatitis B and C can often be done in our daily clinics if you can’t make it to the Healthy Liver Clinic. Please contact us if you would like further information about this service.


Kirketon Road Centre


10am-12.30pm Thursday.

Portable scanner

We have a portable Fibroscan machine to assess liver fibrosis, which we can take to outreach clinics to assess, monitor and provide information regarding viral hepatitis.

Hep C options

We provide access to the new hep C treatments in a variety of client-centred ways, for example we can support with daily dosing at the clinic, weekly dosette boxes, or self-care.

Contact us at KRC or drop in and see us for more information.