Policies & Publications: Medicines and Therapeutics Related Policy Documents

Title Document Number Last Reviewed
Administration of a formulation of a medication other than that ordered within an electronic medication management system SESLHDPR/767
Administration of antibiotics by prolonged or continuous infusion in the inpatient setting SESLHDPR/687
Administration of Subcutaneous Medications in Palliative Care using a NIPRO Surefuser™ SESLHDPR/666
Administration of subcutaneous medications in Palliative Care: a) Intermittent b) Via a syringe driver SESLHDPR/175
Antimicrobial Stewardship SESLHDPD/137
Cannabis – Inpatient Management of patients admitted to SESLHD facilities using medicinal cannabis products SESLHDPR/620
Clozapine - Guidelines for Prescribing, Administration and Monitoring SESLHDPR/591 Under Review
Delirium - Prevention, Assessment and Management of Delirium in Older People SESLHDPR/345
Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis vaccination for Ante/Postnatal Women SESLHDPD/279
Dispensing of Medications for Patient Take-Home Use using Paper Prescription generated by eMEDs (Prescription Output Version 2) SESLHDPR/743
Electrolyte Replacement (Adults) SESLHDPR/762
Emergency Sedation Procedure – Acute Inpatient Mental Health Units SESLHDPR/595
Heparin - Anticoagulation with Intravenous Heparin Sodium Infusion

High-Risk Medicines Management SESLHDPR/734
HYDROmorphone in Adult Patients in SESLHD acute care facilities - management of SESLHDPR/669
Intravenous to Oral Antimicrobial Switch SESLHDGL/115
Iron Infusions

Medicine Guidelines:

Medication - Safety Alerts, Notices and Information SESLHDPR/724
Medication Administration by Enrolled Nurses SESLHDPD/160
Medication Management Roles and Responsibilities of Clinicians SESLHDPR/267
Medicine Formulary SESLHDPD/183
Medicine Recall Process SESLHDPR/438
Medicine: Frusemide use in Adult Chronic Heart Failure Patients SESLHDPD/169
Medicine: Management of Refrigerated Storage of Medicines and Vaccinations in Clinical Areas SESLHDPR/300
Medicine: Off-label use of registered medicines and use of unlicensed medicines SESLHDPD/182
Neuromuscular Blocking Agents: Prescribing, Handling, Administration and Storage SESLHDPR/763
Pain Management - Epidural Analgesia (Adult) non-obstetric SESLHDPR/324
Pain Management - Implantable Intrathecal Drug Delivery System SESLHDPR/294
Pain Management - Opioid Withdrawal in Patients on Long Term Opioid Medications SESLHDPR/603
Palliative Care: administration of Adult Subcutaneous fluid SESLHDPR/422
Patient’s Own Medications (POMs) – Handling and Storage in Hospital SESLHDPR/758
Prescription Forms - Secure Storage SESLHDPR/235
Safe Handling and Management of Monoclonal Antibodies SESLHDPR/368
Safe Use of Opioids SESLHDGL/105

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Timely Administration of Medicines SESLHDPR/769
Translated Health Information SESLHDPD/325
Use of Barcode Scanning within the Dispensing Process in SESLHD Pharmacy Departments SESLHDPR/773
Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Substance Management SESLHDPR/764