Policies & Publications: Cancer and Palliative Care Services

Title Document Number Last Reviewed
Administration of Subcutaneous Medications in Palliative Care using a NIPRO Surefuser™ SESLHDPR/666
Administration of subcutaneous medications in Palliative Care: a) Intermittent b) Via a syringe driver SESLHDPR/175
Advance Care Planning

Assessment and Documentation to Verify Death -  Palliative Care Community Nurses SESLHDPR/492
Cancer Services – Use of eviQ Cancer Treatments Online SESLHDPD/276
Clinical Pathway Guideline SESLHDGL/037
COVID-19 - End of Life Symptom Management SESLHDGL/101
Dealing with family conflict in end-of-life decision making - checklist for senior medical staff SESLHDGL/091
Management of the Deteriorating ADULT inpatient (excluding maternity) SESLHDPR/697
Palliative Care: administration of Adult Subcutaneous fluid SESLHDPR/422
Referral to Palliative Care SESLHDGL/100
Sickle Cell Crisis - Management of Patients Presenting in Sickle Cell Crisis SESLHDPR/609
Subcutaneous Needle Insertion and Management SESLHDPR/19
Subcutaneous phenobarbital for refractory terminal agitation and uncontrolled seizures (including status epilepticus) in the imminently dying patient SESLHDPR/695
Terminal Care / End of Life Plan SESLHDPD/308
Wound - Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) SESLHDPR/205