Policies & Publications: Mental Health

Title Document Number Last Reviewed
Access and Patient Flow Operational Framework for Mental Health Service SESLHDGL/051
Accredited Persons in Mental Health Ambulatory Care Settings

Administration of Ventrogluteal Intramuscular Injection SESLHDBR/052
Admission and Discharge/Transfer of Care Processes for Acute Mental Health Inpatient Units (including Direct Admissions for Consumers linked with Community Mental Health) SESLHDPR/735
Bariatric Patients - inpatient Mental Health Services SESLHDPR/486
Blood Borne Virus Testing SESLHDPD/330
Children Visiting Inpatient Mental Health Facilities SESLHDPR/641
Clinical Documentation in Mental Health SESLHDGL/074
Clinical Escalation Processes of SafeHaven Guests SESLHDBR/095
Clinical Handover for Mental Health Services (ISBAR) SESLHDBR/040
Clinical Review in Mental Health SESLHDPR/642
Clinical Risk Assessment and Management - Mental Health SESLHDGL/082
Clozapine - Guidelines for Prescribing, Administration and Monitoring SESLHDPR/591 Under Review
Clozapine Roles and Responsibilities within the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Mental Health Service SESLHDBR/072
Collaborative care planning for consumers/clients experiencing both mental health and alcohol and other drug use conditions SESLHDPR/752
Communication/Escalation Processes related to Patients in the Emergency Department (ED) awaiting Mental Health (MH) Admission SESLHDBR/037
Community Mental Health Acute Care Teams - Key Practices SESLHDBR/012
Companion Animals in SESLHD Inpatient Mental Health Facilities SESLHDBR/089
Complex Case Conference - Emergency Department (ED)/ Mental Health (MH) SESLHDBR/022
Consumer and Carer Representation for Mental Health Services SESLHDBR/030
Consumer Missed Appointments - management of SESLHDBR/41
Consumer Sexual Safety in Mental Health Settings SESLHDPR/293
Consumer Use of Electronic Devices SESLHDBR/087
Consumers in the Community with Complex Needs SESLHDBR/071
Contact with Families following the Death of a Consumer - Mental Health Service SESLHDPR/287
Cost Allocation for: General Hospital Patients with Multi-Service Needs & Mental Health Patients Accommodated in General Hospital Beds SESLHDPD/294
Delegations in relation to management of the Junior Medical Workforce (Trainees) in Psychiatry SESLHDBR/061
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Practice – Mental Health Service SESLHDPR/310
Electronic Dissemination and Acknowledgment by Staff that they have read and understand the Policy/Procedure/Guideline/Business Rule SESLHDBR/064
Emergency Sedation Procedure – Acute Inpatient Mental Health Units SESLHDPR/595
Engagement and Observation in Mental Health Inpatient Units SESLHDPR/615
Extended Seclusion Events - Governance for SESLHDPR/511
Firearms and/or Prohibited Weapons: Notification to Police of Consumers Suspected of Having Access to a Firearm and/or Prohibited Weapon SESLHDPR/318
Framework for Clinical Nurse Consultant Practice SESLHDBR/069
Gower Wilson Memorial Hospital Lord Howe Island & South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Mental Health Service (SESLHD MHS) Pathway SESLHDBR/062
HEALTHPLAN - Mental Health Service Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Emergency Response SESLHDPR/332
Identification of Patients within Inpatient Mental Health Care Settings SESLHDPR/288
Illicit Substances and/or Alcohol and Other Drugs Use within Inpatient Mental Health Services SESLHDBR/031
Incident Processes for Harm Score (HS) 2, 3 and 4 Incidents required to be reported to the MHS General Manager SESLHDPR/748
Infection Control: Cleaning of Sensory Equipment - Mental Health SESLHDBR/048
Intramuscular Injection in Mental Health SESLHDGL/076
Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network Transfer of Care Referrals to South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Mental Health Service SESLHDBR/065
Management of a Crime Scene, not occasioning Death or the Death of a Consumer, while in or on leave from an Inpatient Mental Health Facility SESLHDPR/493
Managing Acute Mental Health Inpatient Admissions where there is an Employment or Service Relationship with South Eastern Sydney Local Health District SESLHDBR/047
Mental Health - Enterprise Risk Management System ( ERMS) Process SESLHDBR/008
Mental Health Consumer Rights and Responsibilities SESLHDBR/010
Mental Health Intensive Care Unit (MHICU) Extended Admission Process SESLHDBR/086
Mental Health Mandatory Training for Clinical Staff SESLHDBR/011
Mental Health Review Tribunal: Inquiry and Review SESLHDPR/617
Mental Health Service (MHS) Collaboration with, and Communication of Clinical Information to, NSW Health Drug and Alcohol (D&A) Services SESLHDBR/049
Mental Health Service Inpatient Washing Machine Infection Control SESLHDBR/055
Mental Health Service Rehabilitation Clinical Pathway and Process SESLHDGL/048
Multicultural Mental Health Clinical Service Delivery SESLHDBR/068
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Provider service provision to current MHS inpatients SESLHDBR/090
Norfolk Island and International requests for specialist mental health admission within South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) SESLHDBR/092
NSW Minister for Mental Health Notification Processes for Release or Leave of Absence for a Person being Treated under the NSW Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act (Section 76A [2]) SESLHDBR/028
Nursing In Charge Of Shift of an Inpatient Mental Health Unit SESLHDBR/056
Obtaining a Second Opinion from a Consultant Psychiatrist within Acute Inpatient Mental Health Units SESLHDPD/269
Olanzapine Pamoate Long-Acting Injection (LAI): Administration and Management SESLHDPR/607
On-Call Responsibilities for Mental Health Service Trainees and Consultants in Psychiatry SESLHDBR/033
Orientation and Induction Policy Mental Health SESLHDPD/204
Patient Leave from Acute Inpatient Unit - Mental Health Service SESLHDPR/484
Prone Restraint Restriction for the Mental Health Service (MHS) SESLHDBR/014
Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre (PECC) Escalation Process for Mental Health Patients with a Length of Stay (LOS) >48 Hours SESLHDBR/015
Referral to Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit (IPCU) or Mental Health Intensive Care Unit (MHICU) External to SESLHD Mental Health Service SESLHDBR/019
Referral to SESLHD Mental Health Intensive Care Unit (MHICU) SESLHDBR/017
Referral to the Mental Health Service (MHS) Complex Care Review Committee SESLHDBR/029
Referral, Prioritisation and Allocation for Non-Acute Community Services (including Priority Grid) SESLHDBR/058
Relationships with External Clinical Care Providers - Mental Health Services SESLHDPR/418
Repatriation from SESLHD Mental Health Intensive Care Unit (MHICU) SESLHDBR/018
Restraint Definition Guideline Scenarios – Manual Restraint – Mental Health Service SESLHDGL/079
Safety Guidelines for Recovery and Wellbeing College, SafeHaven and KBIM Premises, Unit 2, 15 Kensington Street Kogarah SESLHDBR/085
Search to maintain safety in SESLHD Mental Health Inpatient facilities SESLHDBR/080
Sponsorship of Educational Meetings and/or Events within the Mental Health Service SESLHDPR/360
State Mental Health Telephone Access Line (SMHTAL) - Mental Health SESLHDPR/500
Strengths Model Mentoring Program - Mental Health SESLHDGL/070
Support of South Eastern Sydney Recovery and Wellbeing College (SESR&WC) Students Experiencing Distress SESLHDBR/42
Transfer of Care of Community Mental Health Clients when a Case Manager is taking Planned Leave SESLHDBR/073
Transfer of Mental Health Patients to other Public Mental Health Facilities and Private Hospitals SESLHDBR/051
Transitioning Nurses in Mental Health Services SESLHDBR/054
Uniform and Dress Code for all Mental Health Service Staff SESLHDBR/020
Visits by Official Visitors to SESLHD declared Mental Health Inpatient Units, Community Mental Health Services and Emergency Departments SESLHDPR/339
Working Alone Unit 2, 15 Kensington Street Kogarah Safety Guidelines SESLHDBR/083