TeleClinical Care - COVID-19

Home Monitoring of COVID Positive SESLHD Residents


What is TCC-COVID?

The TCC-COVID program supports people with COVID-19 who are isolating at home and are at risk of hospitalisation. The program includes a device called a pulse oximeter and a smartphone application or App. The pulse oximeter allows you to measure your heart rate and the level of oxygen in your blood. The App allows you to send this information to the South Eastern Sydney COVID-19 monitoring team looking after you. The team can use this information to help assess how COVID-19 is affecting your health. The main aim of our remote monitoring program is to ensure you are safe whilst isolating at home.

How do I participate?

If you have received a positive COVID result and live within the region of South Eastern Sydney Local Health District you will be asked to complete an information form that will assess if you would benefit from the TCC-COVID program. 

Patient Documents and Forms 

Covid19 Telehealth Group Information Flyer_May 2020.pdf

TCC-COVID Privacy Policy

Patient Tutorials

Tutorial - How to download the app on the Apple Store - for iPhones and iPads

Tutorial - How to download the app on the Google Play Store for Android Devices 

Tutorial - How to use the Pulse Oximeter 


Our partners

The TCC-COVID remote monitoring app has been developed in partnership with the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering University of New South Wales (UNSW).

This project is another example of how our Hospital and the University of NSW are working together to use the latest scientific innovations to improve our care and the health of patients.