Workforce Development Package for the NSW AoD Clinical Care Standards

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The COQI program is funded by the Centre for Alcohol and other Drugs (CAoD, NSW MoH) to develop a Workforce Development Package for the  Clinical Care Standards for AoD Treatment.  The Package will be developed using a Competency Based Training Model.  This approach to workforce development is based on levels of achievement relative to the standard of performance required, involves range of learning methods to assist staff to achieve competency, and is self-paced and flexible.

The work will include:
•    Identifying the competencies required to deliver the treatment outlined in the Clinical Care Standards;
•    Developing a competency assessment resources;
•    Scoping existing high quality training that is, or could be, made available to staff;
•    Identifying training gaps and developing resources for these areas; and  
•    Developing an WFD implementation proposal that would include scoping viable platforms for training delivery.