The Registered Nurse Transition Framework

The goal of the transition framework at Garrawarra Centre is to nurture and encourage new registered nurses so that they develop and reach their full potential.
The framework includes:

  • Rotation six months at The Sutherland Hospital and six months at Garrawarra Centre.
  • Dedicated study days/time within the rotations during the transition, this includes off site        study days enhancing networking.
  • Specialised orientation to the organization and clinical setting.
  • Structured orientation including allocated supernumerary time.
  • Fully supported using the preceptorship model – preceptored by a Registered Nurse, Clinical   Educator, Clinical Nurse Consultant as well as the Nurse Unit Manager.
  • Access to in-service and continuing professional education facilitated by the Staff Education Department. A high priority is placed on the importance of continued education and lifelong learning opportunities are available for nurses to enhance knowledge and clinical skills.
  • Monthly graduate in-service and debriefing.
  • A certificate upon completion.
  • Support and assistance with career planning and ongoing employment and educational  opportunities towards the completion of transition.
  • Access to professional counselling services.
  • Free on-site staff parking
  • One intake per year