SESLHD Healthcare Awards

SESLHD Healthcare Awards


2022 SESLHD Healthcare Awards

The SESLHD Healthcare Awards recognise innovation and excellence in the delivery of health programs and services within SESLHD. In these extraordinary times we take this opportunity to recognise and acknowledge the achievements of our staff and SESLHD community. The SESLHD awards this year will continue to be simplified, streamlined and recognise the need for a COVID-safe approach. In 2022, the awards will continue to focus on meeting the objectives of the NSW State Health Plan 2021 and ensuring the long-term sustainability of our healthcare system. This will be achieved through innovation in delivering an integrated health system, creative partnerships and improving efficiencies to support better health for the people of SESLHD.   


Team Awards

  1. Integrated Value Based Care Award
  2. Excellence in Aboriginal Healthcare Award
  3. Excellence in the Provision of Mental Health Services Award
  4. Health Research and Innovation Award
  5. Keeping People Healthy Award
  6. Patient Safety First Award
  7. People and Culture Award
  8. Transforming Patient Experience Award

Individual Awards

  1. Collaborative Staff Member of the Year Award
  2. Volunteer of the Year Award

Peak Awards

  1. Board Member’s Choice
  2. Consumer’s Choice for Person Centred Care


Key dates and actions

2022 SESLHD Healthcare Awards – Open

Monday 16th May 2022

Closing date for entries to Local Awards Advisor for site/directorate winners’ selection and GM/Director endorsement

To be confirmed by site

SESLHD Healthcare Awards - Close
* All entries must come via the facility Awards Advisor

Friday 17th June 2022

SESLHD selection panels convene

Week commencing 27th June 2022

2022 SESLHD Healthcare Awards Ceremony

Friday 14th October 2022


Submitting an Application

The SESLHD Healthcare Awards recognise innovation and excellence in the delivery of health programs and services to the SESLHD community. Staff are encouraged to submit applications using the entry template which can be download from

Entrants need to select submissions carefully, taking into account the Guide to Award Categories, Judging Criteria and other entry requirements. It is the responsibility of entrant to submit projects into the most relevant award category, which is an explicit factor in judging.

For further information and support with completing your application, please contact your local awards advisors.


Healthcare Awards Local Advisors


Prince of Wales Hospital

Collette Coughlin

9382 3030

Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital

Ann Hodge

9382 7542

Royal Hospital Women

Maxine Hamilton

9382 6822

War Memorial Hospital

Ashleigh Webster

9369 0335

St George Hospital

Sandra Grove and Marg Kalatzis

9113 2187

Sutherland Hospital

Josie Julian

9540 8489

Garrawarra Centre

Cathy Wynn

8545 4700

Calvary Hospital

Robyn Williams

9553 3017

Mental Health Services

Stephanie North

9113 4083

Population and Community Health

Jessica Liew

8748 9352

District Services

Samara Lampard

9540 8581


Four steps to completing your submission

     1. Check that your project is suitable for entry and select a category

     2. Read and follow the entry requirements

     3. Use the official template

     4. Submit to your local awards advisor


Selection Process

  • Each facility/directorate is permitted to submit one finalist in each category for the Team Awards and Individual Awards. A selection panel will be facilitated locally to coordinate this process. You will need to ensure that your award is submitted to your local award advisor.

  • Facility/directorate finalists must be submitted to the Local Health District by Friday 17th June 2022.

  • A Local Health District selection panel will meet week commencing 27th June 2022.

  • The Local Health District selection panel will nominate the winner in each category.

  • Winners in each category will be announced at a ceremony in July, date to be confirmed.


2022 NSW Healthcare Awards

Winners from the relevant SESLHD Healthcare Awards will be submitted as finalists for the 2022 NSW Health Awards which closes in August 2022.


Nomination Forms & More Information

2022 SESLHD Healthcare Awards Ceremony
2022 SESLHD Healthcare Awards Ceremony