Let the hospital or service concerned know

We encourage you to let the nurse, doctor or health professional involved know that you have a concern. They may be able to resolve your issues immediately or they can refer you to a more senior member of staff, if appropriate. You should also discuss your concerns with the manager of the ward or department so that they may work with you to find a solution. Department Managers can identify the main concerns you have about the care you received and

  • Assist with any specific needs you may have whilst in hospital.
  • Answer any questions you have about our services, policies and procedures.
  • Ensure your complaint is treated confidentially.
  • Keep you informed about the process and outcome of your complaint.

If you need to speak to someone outside business hours you can ask the staff or telephone operator to contact the After Hours Hospital Manager/ Bed Manager.  

Step One - Let the hospital staff know
Step Two - Contact the Hospital Complaints Officer
Step Three - Contact the Health Service