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St George Hospital Consumer Advisory Group – Partner with us to make a difference

St George Hospital is committed to recognising and addressing the needs and involvement of our consumers and carers in the provision and improvement of health services.

Community engagement and feedback from our communities is vital in our decision making and in the way we deliver healthcare services.

In recognition of this, a Community Advisory Group (CAG) has been established at St George Hospital to ensure the community has a ‘voice’ in relation to public health matters.

The St George Hospital Community Advisory Group meets once a month and is responsible for providing a community and consumer perspective to the St George Hospital services on behalf of their communities.

By applying to join our Consumer Advisory Group, you have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss the local community health needs and issues with hospital staff and senior management
  • Participate in the planning, development and evaluation of local health services
  • Help promote and improve the health of your local community
  • Engage with hospital staff to advocate for the community regarding hospital services
  • Raise community awareness on local hospital services
  • Bring decision making and accountability to the Local Health District making it more responsive to local health priorities



Why I Became A Consumer Representative

Over the last ten years I have had first-hand experience of the health system through various visits and admissions with my elderly parents and my immediate family.

It was during this time I was becoming frustrated with certain views from friends and acquaintances regarding the perceived inefficiencies of some hospital services and processes.  I felt I had something to contribute be it as a carer, consumer, observer and past employee, having worked in Radiation Oncology within the public health system for 18 years. I felt the only way to have a balanced viewpoint or to make a difference was to apply for the role of consumer representative at St George Hospital. 

There is no prerequisite for any work experience within the health system to become a consumer representative just a genuine interest in health care, within your local community.

As a member of the St George Hospital Consumer Advisory Group our opinions are greatly respected and our input is actively sought after and implemented by hospital staff.

I have found the role over the past years to be extremely rewarding.

Susan Hanrahan
St George Hospital Consumer Advisory Group


Further information on the St George Hospital Consumer Advisory Group and how to join

Download a brochure

Community Relations Department
Ph (02) 9113 2901


The CAG is an advisory group and not part of the Hospital’s feedback system. Please refer compliments and complaints to the Clinical Practice Improvement Unit on (02) 9113 2687.