Care and Treatment

Health Care Teams Treating You

While at St George Hospital, you will be cared for by a number of different health care teams. Some of these teams include:



You will have one or more teams of doctors caring for you during your inpatient stay. As this is a teaching hospital, you may be seen by a number of doctors including:

  •  Supervised trainees - referred to as Interns, Resident Medical Officers, Registrars and Fellows.
  •  Lead senior doctors - referred to as Staff Specialists or Visiting Medical Officers.

These doctors will regularly review your condition and discuss your progress with you. The times doctors visit the ward each day can vary, please check with your nurse.


On our wards, you will meet our nursing staff and Nursing Unit Manager. There are three shifts of nurses rostered per day (morning, afternoon and evening). You will have a nurse allocated to care for you at all times.
At each shift change, you will get a new set of nurses taking care of you. You should expect:

  • To be introduced to the new nurse.
  • Participate at your beside in the handover of information about your care to the new nurse. If there are any problems with the information being handed over, you should ask for clarification immediately while they are at your bedside.

The name and photo of the Nursing/ Midwifery Unit Manager can be found at the entrance of each ward. If you have any questions you or your family would like to ask the Manager, feel free to request for him/her to visit you.

Allied Health

Allied health staff include specialists like Clinical Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Dietitians, Medical Imaging Technicians, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Social Workers. If you need to see one, they will either visit you on the ward or an appointment will be arranged for you.


Our hospital is linked with a number of universities training new healthcare professionals. Students may request to talk to you about your condition. You can always say “No” at any time if you do not wish to talk to a student.
However, any participation you can offer will help improve health services provided to other patients in the future.

Identification Badges

All staff are required to wear two badges:

  1. Photo ID badge.
  2. Name tag at chest height.

If a staff member caring for you is not wearing these badges, please ask them who they are.  If you are concerned about someone approaching you without a badge, please contact your nurse.

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