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Woronora Shops flooding
14 Sep 2022

Saturday 2 July is etched indelibly in the mind of SESLHD’s Disaster Unit Manager Allison Chenney.

Her phone rang at 12.30 am. Torrential rain and storms had flooded part of the…

Doctor and baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
14 Sep 2022

Torie Finnane was a much-loved midwife who tragically passed away in December 2020 just three days after giving birth to her third child Maisie in their hometown of Orange.

Willow and Chelsea
14 Sep 2022

Dogs bring so much to family life. Just ask Workforce Operations officer Mitchel Ryan about his Bernese Mountain dog Willow who “goes bonkers” when he gets home at night.

Stella the black Labrador
14 Sep 2022

A dog-mum and her pups share an unbreakable bond. Meet Fiona Andrekson, Ward Clerk at the Royal Hospital for Women, and her pooches Stella and Gigi.

Group of multicultural health workers with Mark Coure and Bronnie Taylor
13 Sep 2022

In an Australian first, SESLHD’s Multicultural Health Service and the NSW Multicultural Health Communications Service…

Two researchers working at a machine to analyse a sample.
13 Sep 2022

Ever wonder why some people are full of energy and others are constantly lethargic? Why do some individuals become elite athletes and others struggle to walk around the block?


Group of five managers at new premises
13 Sep 2022

The team from Population and Community Heath’s Kirketon Road Centre (KRC) has collaborated with Uniting to open a new free clinic in Kings…

Staff at the Royal Hospital for Women
01 Sep 2022

“We don't just get to witness the wonder of the early days of a human life but the birth of a mother.”

These are the sentiments of Katy Hunt, Lactation Consultant…

Jen Nicholls with her husband Chris and their pet rats
01 Sep 2022

You’ve probably heard about pet mice, but what about pet rats? Prince of Wales Hospital Occupational Therapist Jen Nicholls tells us about her “adorable” whiskered rodents, Pretzel, Pudding, and Pie.

Nathan Stapleton with his son Harry
01 Sep 2022

The moment a father makes contact with his newborn child for the first time is always a special moment. It was even more so for Nathan Stapleton.

Nathan sadly wasn’t able to hold his…