Policies & Publications - C

Title Document Number Last Reviewed
Aerosol-generating interventions (AGI) for conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic period SESLHDPR/754
Application of Heat or Cold Therapy SESLHDGL/073
Cab-charge E-Ticket Procedure SESLHDPR/250
Cancer Services – Use of eviQ Cancer Treatments Online SESLHDPD/276
Cannabis – Inpatient Management of patients admitted to SESLHD facilities using medicinal cannabis products SESLHDPR/620
Caplacizumab for severe thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura SESLHDPR/713
Caring for COVID positive patients in the community SESLHDPR/721
Cervical Spine Management in the Emergency Department (ED) SESLHDGL/102
Chicken Pox and Shingles (Varicella Zoster) Herpes Zoster Procedure SESLHDPR/334
Claiming Out Of Pocket Expenses for Community members and Community Committee Members (Contingent Workers) SESLHDGL/041
Cleaning blood and other body substance spills SESLHDPR/674
Clinical Abbreviations

Clinical Forms – Creation and Revision SESLHDPR/335
Clinical Handover: Implementation of ISBAR Framework and Key Standard Principles SESLHDPR/303
Clinical Pathway Guideline SESLHDGL/037
Clinical Supervision of Nurses and Midwives Guidelines SESLHDGL/027
Closed Circuit Television – management and operation of in SESLHD Facilities SESLHDPR/626
Clozapine - Guidelines for Prescribing, Administration and Monitoring SESLHDPR/591 Under Review
Co-location of Children and Adults in SESLHD Facilities SESLHDPR/286
Colistimethate (Colistin) IV (Polymyxin E) for Urinary Tract Infections SESLHDPR/608
Committees - SESLHD Framework for District Level Committees SESLHDHB/028
Common Seal SESLHDPR/375
Communication and Response Protocol for Border Health Incidents Related to an Infectious Disease SESLHDPR/729
Companion and Assistance Animals in Healthcare Facilities SESLHDPR/590
Complaint Handling Framework SESLHDHB/026
Confined Spaces Risk Management SESLHDPR/274
Consumers and Carer Representatives - Paid participation in South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) Committees SESLHDPR/523
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) and Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV) Domiciliary Device use by Inpatients with previously diagnosed obstructive sleep apnoea/sleep related breathing disorder SESLHDPR/434
Contractor Safety Handbook SESLHDHB/021
Corporate Records Management Framework  SESLHDHB/022
Correct Identification of Medication and Solutions for Regional Anaesthetic Procedures SESLHDPR/242
COVID-19 - End of Life Symptom Management SESLHDGL/101
COVID-19 Response – Aged Care Facility Rapid Response and Assessment SESLHDPR/677
Credentialing & Re-credentialing of Senior Medical & Dental Practitioners - Process SESLHDPR/624
Credentialing in Obstetric Procedures for Junior Medical Officers/Fellows SESLHDPR/399
Critical Care Bed Management SESLHDPR/228
Dealing with family conflict in end-of-life decision making - checklist for senior medical staff SESLHDGL/091
Evidence-based guide to cognitive screening measures guideline SESLHDGL/092
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Strategy SESLHDPD/267
Guidelines for visiting company representatives to South Eastern Sydney Local Health District SESLHDGL/036
Hazardous Chemical Risk Management SESLHDPR/208
Health and Safety Consultation SESLHDPR/731
ICT Vendor Compliance Policy SESLHDPD/318
Infection Control: Cleaning (Shared) Patient Care Equipment Guideline SESLHDGL/029
Infection Control: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) – at risk surgical patients SESLHDPR/508
Influenza – Critical Care Escalation and Management SESLHDPR/270
Legislative Compliance Framework SESLHDHB/025
Management of Complex Discharges / Escalation Guidelines SESLHDGL/053
Management of Patients Suspected of Concealing Drugs Internally transferred to St George and Prince of Wales Hospital by the Australian Federal Police Force from Customs SESLHDPR/361
Managing Complaints and Concerns about Clinicians (MCCC) SESLHDPR/640
Mass Swabbing of Cruise Ship Passengers on Disembarkation SESLHDGL/113
Maternity – identifying, reviewing and reporting trigger and critical clinical events SESLHDGL/095
Media and Communications Protocols SESLHDPR/593
Online Communications policy SESLHDPD/243
Outbreak Management and Contact Tracing

Prevention and Management of Opioid Induced Constipation in Advanced Palliative Care Patients SESLHDGL/111
Reducing Cardiothoracic Surgical Site Infections through use of a Cardiothoracic Surgical Site Infection Care Bundle Guideline

Referral to the Coroner in Maternity Services SESLHDGL/114
Research Ethics and Governance Complaints SESLHDPR/733
Respiratory Equipment – Cleaning and Decontamination SESLHDPR/738
Scope of clinical practice for non-specialist doctors SESLHDGL/103
SESLHD Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) Client Contribution Business Rule SESLHDBR/088
Standard 5 Comprehensive Care - Guideline SESLHDGL/088
Sterilisation: Control of nonconforming Reusable Medical Devices (RMD) and Recall of RMD’s SESLHDPR/504
Sterilisation: Definitive Cleaning of Reusable Medical Devices and Equipment SESLHDPR/495
Student Clinical Placements in SESLHD Facilities SESLHDPR/326 
Systemic review of clinical practice or lookback process for clinicians of concern SESLHDPR/746
Transport of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 disease SESLHDGL/086
Urinary Catheter Management in the Community Setting SESLHDGL/065
Visiting Medical Officer claims submissions, checking and auditing SESLHDPR/712
Website Content Management System (CMS) Framework SESLHDHB/024
Work Health and Safety - Contractor Management Procedure SESLHDPR/333
Wound - Graduated Compression Therapy (GCT) in Venous Disease SESLHDPR/398