Policies & Publications - R

Title Document Number Last Reviewed
Advanced Recovery Orthopaedic Program (AROP) Anaesthetic Guideline SESLHDGL/059
Aerosol-generating interventions (AGI) for conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic period SESLHDPR/754
Allied Health Professional Grading and Regrading SESLHDPR/565
Assessment of Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) Retinopathy SESLHDGL/106
Corporate Records Management Framework  SESLHDHB/022
Entecavir for HBV reactivation in Renal Patients SESLHDPR/726
Enterprise Risk Management SESLHDPR/304
Grading, Regrading and Reclassification - Nursing and Midwifery SESLHDPR/761
Health and Safety Representatives SESLHDPR/730
Health, Safety and Wellbeing Risk Management SESLHDPR/212
Injury Management – Redeployment of Injured Employees under Workers Compensation Procedure SESLHDPR/279
Management of Acute Viral Respiratory Illness (including influenza and COVID-19)

Management of Organisational Restructures and Other Reforms in SESLHD SESLHDPR/744
Noise Risk Management SESLHDPR/394
Nursing and Midwifery Registration SESLHDPD/030
Product – Clinical Product Notices, Recalls and Safety Alerts SESLHDPR/319
Public Interest Disclosures (PID) and Corrupt Conduct Reporting SESLHDPD/266
Radiation Safety - Calibration and Quality Assurance Procedures for Radiological and Radiation Safety Instruments SESLHDPR/553
Radiation Safety - Death Procedures for Bodies Containing Radioactive Material SESLHDPR/533
Radiation Safety - Ionising Radiation Procedure SESLHDPD/296
Radiation Safety - Management of Radiation Apparatus SESLHDPR/550
Radiation Safety - Minimising Radiation Exposure in Laboratories SESLHDPR/541
Radiation Safety - Optimisation of Radiation Exposures in Nuclear Medicine SESLHDPR/552
Radiation safety - personal monitoring SESLHDPR/543
Radiation Safety - Protection of Staff and the general public in Nuclear Medicine SESLHDPR/557
Radiation Safety - Protection of staff and the public during radiation oncology procedures SESLHDPR/555
Radiation Safety - Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy SESLHDPR/532
Radiation Safety - Radiation Exposure and Risk SESLHDPR/554
Radiation safety - Record Keeping SESLHDPR/540
Radiation Safety - Regulatory Requirements SESLHDPR/542
Radiation Safety - Response to external emergencies involving radioactivity or exposure to ionising radiation SESLHDPR/545
Radiation Safety - Security of Radioactive Sources SESLHDPD/149
Radiation Safety - Shielding and Facility Design SESLHDPR/536
Radiation Safety - Transport of Radioactive Substances SESLHDPR/534
Radiation Safety - X-Ray Protective Clothing SESLHDPR/732
Radiation Safety Training SESLHDPR/537
Radiation Safety – Handling, Investigation and Reporting of Radiation Incidents SESLHDPR/558
Radiation Safety – Optimise Exposures in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology SESLHDPR/551
Radiation Safety – Optimising Exposures in Radiotherapy SESLHDPR/535
Radiation Safety – Protection of Staff and the General Public in Departments performing Diagnostic or Interventional Radiology SESLHDPR/538
Radiation Safety – Protection of Staff in operating theatres SESLHDPR/556
Radiation Safety – Radiation Exposure of Volunteers for Research Purposes SESLHDPR/559
Radiation Safety – Radiation Safety in Ward Areas SESLHDPR/539
Radiation Safety – Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Waste SESLHDPR/544
Recognising and responding to abuse and violence of older people SESLHDPR/598
Records - Management of Paper Originals of Imaged Records SESLHDPR/222
Records Management SESLHDPD/196
Records Management - destruction of SESLHDPR/220
Records Management - Management of emails SESLHDPR/221
Records Management – Disaster Management SESLHDPR/219
Records Management – Retention Periods SESLHDPD/203
Records Management – Storage and Protection SESLHDPR/218
Recruitment and appointment of senior medical and dental officers SESLHDPR/625
Reducing Cardiothoracic Surgical Site Infections through use of a Cardiothoracic Surgical Site Infection Care Bundle Guideline

Referral to Palliative Care SESLHDGL/100
Referral to the Coroner in Maternity Services SESLHDGL/114
Release of Patient Health Information - Secure Organisations SESLHDPR/757
Release of Patient Health Information Related to an Insurance / Compensation Claim SESLHDPR/675
Research Ethics and Governance Complaints SESLHDPR/733
Resolving Unsatisfactory Performance SESLHDPR/379
Respiratory Equipment – Cleaning and Decontamination SESLHDPR/738
Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) SESLHDPR/759
Responding electronically to subpoena requests - medical records and documents SESLHDPR/662
Responsible Conduct in Research SESLHDPD/268
Restrictive practices with adult patients in acute and subacute settings SESLHDPR/483
Return to Work Program SESLHDPR/276
Rooming In For Healthy Babies SESLHDPD/158
Rostering Best Practice SESLHDPR/529
Safety Incident Report Management SESLHDPR/727
Sterilisation - Records Management SESLHDPR/514
Storage and Retention of standardised testing protocols SESLHDPR/686
Systemic review of clinical practice or lookback process for clinicians of concern SESLHDPR/746
Women who choose to refuse recommended monitoring and treatment in Maternity Services in SESLHD SESLHDPR/482