Follow-up Clinics

NCC runs 3 follow-up clinics for newborn infants discharged from the NCC and the hospital. 

The Growth and Development Clinic 

Babies who have been born preterm or very sick usually take longer to achieve their developmental milestones than well, full-term babies. Whilst baby is admitted in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the attending team makes an assessment for the need to attend the Growth and Development Clinic.

We use the Bayley Scales of Infant and toddler Development (BSID) and have the support of a comprehensive and expert multidisciplinary team supervised by a specialist developmental paediatrician. 

For any enquiries about the services at the Growth and Development Clinic, please contact Growth and Development Coordinator Ms Brianna Draskovic, phone 02-9382 6190.

Chemical Use in Pregnancy service (CUPS) Clinic

The CUPS clinic was established in 1998 to look after families affected by drugs of dependency. The CUPS team has looked after more than 500 families since and is one of the most  comprehensive and referenced services of its type in Australia. The CUPS team is composed of nurses and doctors from three sites: The Langton Centre in Surry Hills, The Royal Hospital for Women and the Sydney Children’s Hospital and focuses on the health and well-being of the mothers and babies involved in this program.

Newborn Follow-up Clinic 

This clinic is for infants discharged from the postnatal wards and the NCC with minor problems. It is held two times a week by the neonatologists and the neonatal fellows. This clinic provides follow-up until 3-4 months of age after which infants may be referred to general paediatricians and/or general practitioners for ongoing monitoring and follow-up as required.