Other Services and Information


We have chaplains who visit regularly and are on-call for our staff and patients. A visitor or after-hours emergency call can be arranged through our ward staff. We also have a reflective space located on Level 0 for patients, families and carers, as well as an interdenominational chapel on campus, located on Level 0 of the Campus Centre (opposite the pharmacy, Prince of Wales Hospital foyer).

Banking Facilities

Automatic teller machines are available in the Prince of Wales Hospital, Barker Street foyer. Banking institutions are located on Belmore Road, Randwick. The hospital accepts payment by cash and major credit cards.

Retail pharmacy 

On Level 0 in the Barker Street entrance you will also find a florist, a gift shop and retail pharmacy. This pharmacy is called the Hospital Foyer Pharmacy and can be contacted on 9382 8800. 


Flowers may be ordered and delivered to the hospital. Flowers are delivered to our wards daily and are usually placed beside the Staff Station. To help our staff, we would appreciate if your partner or support person could check and collect your flower deliveries.

Post Office

There are two post offices in Randwick:

  • Royal Randwick Shopping Centre, Belmore Street
  • St Paul’s Post Office, 70 Perouse Road, The Spot


Phones are located beside each bed and are available for hire. Please ask our staff for more information.

Wi-Fi (Courtesy of Telstra)

Wi-Fi access is available in the patient lounges on Levels 2, 3 and 4. Please contact the ward clerk to obtain the appropriate password.


Our needs are great. Your support is vital

The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation is deeply committed to supporting the hospital and its staff through meeting the challenge of providing the very best in health care for women and babies in NSW and beyond.

The foundation plays a tangible role in funding research, education and special needs and upholds the hospital’s resolve to not only save precious lives, but also enhance the quality of life. To continue with its vital work, The Royal needs your financial support.

You can contact the foundation on telephone (02) 9382 6720.