Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Rights & Responsibilities

NSW Health and the Royal Hospital for Women endorse the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights. These rights apply to all people in all places where health care is provided in Australia. You have a right to:

Access – the right to receive health care regardless of gender, marital status, disability, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age or where you live in NSW.

Safety – the right to safe and high-quality care.

Respect – the right to be treated as an individual, and with dignity and respect. We ask that you also show this courtesy to others and that you respect all policies and practices, such as visiting hours, infection control measures, smoke-free zones and limitations on the use of mobile phones around medical equipment. 

Partnership – the right to ask questions and have honest and open communication with the healthcare team. The right to make decisions with your healthcare team. The right to choose who you want involved in planning and deciding on your health.

Information – the right to be informed about services, treatment and options in a clear and open way. The right to assistance to understand health information. The right to know if something has gone wrong with your healthcare. 

Privacy – the right to privacy and confidentiality respected regarding personal information. You have the right to speak to a health care worker about the information contained in your medical record. You can also request a copy of your medical record.

Give feedback – the right to provide feedback on care and have your concerns addressed. Throughout your visit, health care providers will discuss treatment plans with you. You are encouraged to take part in these plans, such as transfers to other services and your discharge from hospital.