Midwives Clinic and GP Shared Care (GPSC)

Pregnancy care is shared between the GPs affiliated with the RHW and midwives and doctors from the antenatal Clinic. For this option of care you would generally see your GP as well as a midwife at the hospital through a schedule of regular visits. If the need arises you will be readily referred to the hospital doctors and specialists. 

Your GP shared care team follows  the established best practice guidelines.  We aim to provide you with continuity of care with your GP and the same midwife throughout your pregnancy.

Information for Patients

  • Personalised service
  • Ongoing care with your GP who will continue to look after you and your family before and after baby is born
  • More flexible appointment times, that is, after hours and weekends
  • Waiting times are generally shorter than hospital clinics

It is recommended that several months before you are planning to become pregnant you see your GP to discuss issues such as rubella immunity, folic acid intake and your options for antenatal care.  If you are already pregnant see your GP as soon as possible.

You will have some of your pregnancy care with  your GP and some with the midwives or doctors at the hospital.

You would give birth to your baby in the hospital birthing unit, a midwife will look after you during your labour and birth.  Your GP may come and visit you while you are in hospital but will not deliver the baby.

You usually spend 2-4 hours in the birthing unit before being transferred up to the postnatal ward.  Some women who have had an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth may go home four hours after the birth with midwifery support.

If you choose to go home early, a midwife will visit you in  your home until baby is 5-7 days old, your GP may also visit if required.

If you require emergency medical help and you are less than 20 weeks pregnant please contact the Prince of Wales Emergency (casualty) department.  If it is a non-urgent problem contact your GP (some GPs provide an after hours service) who will assess your condition and may refer you to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Service (EPAS) at the hospital the following day.

If you are over 20 weeks pregnant contact the birthing unit on 9382 6100.

At the Royal Hospital for Women there is a midwife to assist women that choose to participate in the Antenatal Shared Care Program who can be contacted on 9382 6016 and can assist you with the following :

  • Answer any concerns/questions you may have about the program
  • See you for check ups if your GP is going to be away
  • Explain and arrange various services at the hospital
  • Provide you with information on pregnancy, birth and after the baby is born

The midwife is a resource person in the hospital for you to contact at any time.

You may not be able to choose this option of care if you have significant medical and/or other history, or develop complications throughout your pregnancy, or your GP is not affiliated with the Royal Hospital for Women Antenatal Shared Care Program.