Nutrition and Dietetic Service

At the Royal Hospital for Women the Dietitians can help you enhance your nutritional needs to promote good health and help prevent and/ or treat disease. They provide a comprehensive range of services including nutritional screening, nutrition assessment, individualised nutrition care, counselling, and education.

Our services are available to all inpatients and outpatients of the hospital across a range of clinical areas:

  • Women with poor nutrition intake/malnutrition 
  • Women who have had unintentional weight loss
  • Women who require tube feeding and/ or intravenous (parenteral) feeding
  • Women having gynaecological surgery who are seen prior to and/ or following surgery
  • Women with gynaecological cancer/ undergoing cancer treatments, management of treatment related side effects
  • Women who are pregnant and/ or have pregnancy related conditions such as gestational diabetes or hyperemesis.

The Dietitians also work closely with the Food Services Department to optimise food service provision to patients and manage any food service issues.
We do not provide outpatient services for any patient not referred through Royal Hospital for Women Health Professionals.

Monday to Friday

Face to face and/ or telehealth

To access our outpatient services, you will need a referral from either your specialist or other Royal Hospital for Women healthcare professional, addressed to the Clinical Dietitians at Royal Hospital for Women.

Your referral letter must explain the reason for referral to dietetics, your medical history, relevant test results, what medicines you are taking and any other dietary specific information.  

After receiving the referral, the Dietitian or an administration officer will contact you to arrange an appointment. We will provide you with the dietetic contact details at the time of booking. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please contact us directly on the number provided.  

Please advise in your referral letter whether you require an interpreter, as this will need to be arranged when scheduling your appointment.