Local Operating Procedures: Delivery

Accountable Items in the Birthing Environment (outside operating theatre)
Anaesthetic role in Birthing Services
Artificial Rupture of the Membranes (ARM)
Assisted vaginal birth guideline - SESLHDGL/050
Born Before Arrival (BBA)
Cervical Suture/Cerclage - Removal
Cord Presentation and Prolapse
Delivery Suite - Responsibility for Review and Management of Public Patients
Early Labour Assessment and Management in a Low Risk Pregnancy
Epidural Analgesia (maternity)
External Cephalic Version (ECV) - MoHGL2017-007
Fetal Blood Sampling - Intrapartum (FBS)
Fetal Electrode Application
Fever in Labour
First stage labour - Recognition of normal progress and management of delay
First stage labour care for women with a low risk pregnancy
General Anaesthesia at Caesarean Section - Attendance of anaesthetic consultant
Oxytocin for induction or augmentation of labour
Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Remifentanil - in labour
Perineal/Genital Tract Repair
Placenta - Removal from Hospital by Parents
Placental Examination and Indications for Referral to Pathology
Retained Placenta - Management
Second Stage Labour - Recognition of Normal Progress and Management of Delay
Shoulder Dystocia
Sterile Water Injections for Relief of Low Back Pain in Labour
Third and fourth degree perineal tears - repair and management
Third Stage Management Following Vaginal Birth
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
Trauma During Pregnancy
Twin Pregnancy - Intrapartum vaginal birth
Umbilical Cord Blood Gas Sampling
Warm Compress Application During Second Stage of Labour
Water immersion for labour and birth