Midwifery Group Practice

In this model continuity of midwifery care is provided by a small group of midwives who are on call for you throughout your pregnancy, birth and early postnatal period at home.  You will be allocated a primary midwife but will also meet the other midwives in your group as they could provide some of your care.  The aim of Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) is to provide you with a known midwife for your birth and postnatal care at home.

Midwives are trained specialists in normal pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care. For most women your group of midwives will be able to provide the majority of your care.  However, if the need for medical consultation or referral arises, each group practice is supported by an Obstetric Consultant.  Your midwifery group will continue to support you, working alongside the doctors to maintain continuity for you.  Births can be in the Birth Centre, Delivery Suite or in your home.  Early transfer home is encouraged so that care can be provided at home by the same group of midwives.

Despite Royal Hospital for Women offering the largest number of MGPs in Australia places are limited for this option and are generally not available if you live outside of the RHW area.  To book into MGP or place your name on the waiting list contact the RHW Outpatients Department.