Private Obstetricians

You may elect to have your care undertaken by a private obstetrician.  All doctors entitled to call themselves obstetricians in Australia must be accredited by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG). They are fully trained specialist  doctors who have studied for a minimum of 13 years from the  point they began to study as a doctor, with at least six years  training in Obstetrics.  Obstetricians can provide care for  women with pregnancies that are progressing normally, as well as women with health conditions or complications with their pregnancy.

Continuity of care throughout the pregnancy will be provided by your chosen obstetrician. 

Labour care will be provided by Delivery Suite midwives and your obstetrician.  Your obstetrician will be present for birth.  Should you require extra assistance during birth then your obstetrician would perform this;  including an instrumental birth or caesarean section.  Your obstetrician will also provide postnatal care and appropriate follow-up.

The Royal Hospital for Women values private obstetrics as an excellent continuity of care model, which has very high satisfaction rates.
A number of consultant obstetricians have visiting rights at the Royal Hospital for Women. For a list of consultant obstetricians undertaking private practice at the Royal Hospital for Women, click here.  You will require a referral from your GP to the obstetrician.  Each obstetrician has different arrangements with regard to professional fees.