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Discover real-life experiences shared by women who've navigated the services at the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick. Our stories unfold across Gynaecology, Neonatology, Allied Health, and Maternity services, offering a candid glimpse into the diverse and high-quality care provided by our dedicated team. 

Julia's Story

My name is Julia. I am French, raised in Singapore before coming to Sydney to study over 10 years ago. I had the privilege of having my three children at the Royal Hospital for Women (RHW). I have 2 sons (aged 4 and 2) and a newly born baby girl.  

During my pregnancy I was part of the MAPS program which means I was able to have the same midwife for all my antenatal appointments and home visits after birth. Heidi (my midwife), looked after all three pregnancies, and it was a great experience. Being able to see her consistently allowed us to build a relationship, which gave her a deeper understanding my needs and every visit from a progression from the last. She was supportive and respected my choices, which made me secure and understood. I loved how she not only gave professional advice, but boosted my confidence and empowered me at every visit. Even though I have given birth multiple times, I always feel bit anxious leading up to the birth which is why I was grateful to have her support me in this journey. 

The communication from the hospital was efficient. I could get in touch with Heidi via text or phone and the Delivery suite midwives were also caring and helpful when I called. The RHW offers great care and thorough checks during antenatal care. For instance, in my last 2 pregnancies I was offered extra ultrasound to ensure that the babies were growing well. As well, if my midwife was unsure about anything she would ask for a second opinion, which would make me feel reassured.  

Between my three children I have had different birth experiences. The first birth of my son was stressful as my labour lasted a long-time which caused his heartrate drop, there was a lot of people, consistent monitoring and, in the end, my son required a ventouse assistance at birth. During that time, I felt out of control and vulnerable. However, the doctors were calm and explained the situation clearly. My only drawback was the amount of people in the room as there were assistant and trainees in attendance, but I was later informed that I can request them not to be present. However, the doctors/nurses were professional and experienced, which reassured me that I was having the best care. Conversely, my last birth was a smooth experience. Being my third time, I felt more confident in the process. The midwives gave room for my husband and I during the labour and would only come if needed. That amount of freedom and privacy helped me to relax and feel in control of my birth. I valued the experience of the staff, knowing when to help and other times to let us be.  

In relation to the facilities, I enjoyed the birthing suites. The rooms were spacious with nice wall prints and natural lights. There was also a double bed, which was great for cuddles with my husband and newborn. I must mention the cheese toasties and apple juice, was a fantastic combo after giving birth! 

Overall, I would highly recommend the RHW to any women who are having a baby. I am thankful for all the staff that have looked after us over the last few years and their continued efforts to keep growing and improving.