Population and Community Health

The Population and Community Health (PaCH) Directorate provides a range of clinical and population-based services across the life-span that focus on promoting health and well-being, preventing disease and minimising harm.  

PaCH services have a strong focus on addressing the disproportionate burden of poor health on disadvantaged communities in our district. Closing the gap in health outcomes for Aboriginal people is a particular focus. PaCH services work closely with communities and local partners including primary care providers, non-government organisations and other government agencies to improve access to care and health outcomes.

PaCH services seek to deliver care in line with integrated care principles:

  • to provide seamless care within the health system and its interface with social services,
  • to place people at the centre of care
  • to provide comprehensive support for individuals with complex needs and 
  • to enable individuals to access services when and where they are needed