Antenatal Clinic

Provision of antenatal care to women considered to be low risk during pregnancy occurs through midwifery clinics at The Sutherland Hospital. Midwifery based clinics operate between Monday and Friday, with times varying depending on the day.

There are midwifery antenatal clinics specifically designed to meet the needs of young expectant mothers, as well as Centering groups. Centering groups allow women, and their partners, of similar gestations to participate in group sessions for education and discussion lead by a midwife.

The Sutherland Hospital Antenatal Clinic strives to provide women with continuity during their pregnancy, by allocating her to a specific midwife for each visit. Any woman who develops a risk during pregnancy is referred to an obstetric medical officer clinic. These risks may include the development of diabetes in pregnancy, or a low lying placenta.

If further complications arise during the pregnancy, referral to St George Hospital is available through the existing Maternity Services Network.

Antenatal Preparation for Parenthood classes, as well as lactation and breastfeeding classes are also available through the Antenatal Clinic. 

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