Emergency & Critical Care Medicine

Emergency Department

The Sutherland Hospital Emergency Department is open 24 hours per day, including public holidays.

The role of the Emergency Department is to care for emergencies. An emergency is when an illness or an injury is serious and requires urgent attention.

The order in which you will be seen in the Emergency Department is determined by the seriousness of your health problem, not the time of your arrival. Those people with the most serious and urgent conditions will always be seen first, and those with less serious conditions may have to wait until the doctor is free

Nurse Manager, Leanne Horvat
Director Emergency Medicine, Dr Andrew Finckh

Critical Care Medicine

Our Critical Care Medicine department provides intensive medical treatment if you are critically unwell. You may need to use machines to support your lungs, heart and kidneys, as well as many different medications and very close, continuous monitoring.

Nurse Unit Manager, Bety Krstevska
Director Critical Care Medicine, Dr Grant Eruini-Bennett