Medical Disorders in Pregnancy and High Risk Obstetric Clinics

Most women experience a problem-free pregnancy, however a small number may find their pregnancy complicated by medical issues.  The Royal Hospital for Women (RHW) is committed to providing expert and collaborative care to these women and their families.  

Medical problems can vary in their impact on your health and your pregnancy.   

Dependant on the medical problem, the multidisciplinary team, including Obstetricians, Obstetric Physicians (specialists in General Medicine & Endocrinology) and Midwives will provide experienced and specialised care as part of a multidisciplinary team.  

Women can be referred to the High-Risk Medical Disorders in Pregnancy clinic (Thursday pm) which involves collaborative care with Obstetricians, Obstetric Physicians, and midwives. This clinic is suitable for women who: 

  • Have complex pre-existing medical conditions that may be exacerbated in pregnancy, such as: 

    • Autoimmune disorders - including multiple sclerosis, cardiac conditions, women with transplants, current or previous cancers, neurological disorders, lung or haematological conditions, or 
  • Develop a complex medical condition in pregnancy, such as  

    • Gestational Hypertension, Pre-Eclampsia (PET)  

Women can be referred to the Medical Disorders in Pregnancy clinic (Wednesday am) which involves collaborative care between Obstetric Physicians and General Practitioners (GPs). This clinic is suitable for women who: 

  • Have identified lower risk disorders in pregnancy, such as:  

    • Thyroid disease, prolactinoma, and gestational hypertension 

To access either of these clinics, you will need a GP referral. This can be faxed to the RHW Antenatal Outpatients Department: 02 9383 6118.