Nursing and Midwifery


Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services

The Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services is a member of the executive leadership team and is responsible for the strategic and operational management, planning and development needs of the Division of Nursing & Midwifery Services from a financial, organisational, physical and human resource perspective.

Deputy Director of Nursing and Midwifery

The Deputy Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services is a member of the executive leadership team and is responsible for the onsite co-ordination and day to day operations of the Nursing and Midwifery Service.  The position provides leadership and service development in areas relating to access and patient flow, after hours management, clinical support and risk management.

Comment Vicki Manning-Director of Nursing & Midwifery Services-SGH

At all levels of Nursing and Midwifery our vision underpins how we at St George conduct our business to fulfil our goal of excellent patient and family centred care.

As a leader of nurses and midwives I think it is critical that we defend and build a nursing culture that is unique to our facility and workforce - but it requires vigilance, constant focus and effort. It has to be a shared way of doing something with passion.  By upholding our core values in everything we do. In the way we interact with each other, in the way we treat patients, visitors even down to how we email, behave in meetings, it’s in everything. The SGH Nursing & Midwifery vision, will define, shape and support what the agreed shared values and behavioural norms should be and is something we need to in print into our teams to ensure this legacy exists beyond our time here at St George".

The Nursing & Midwifery Executive promote programs which aim to support and develop our nurses and midwives into strong leaders, inspire innovation and allow staff to do what they do best, provide care to patients.

  • St George Nursing and Midwifery Vision
  • Productive Ward-Renovated House
  • St George Wellbeing Program
  • ST George Future NUMs and MUM program
  • St George Next Step Nurse Managers Program


St George Nursing & Midwifery Vision

It was agreed by the Nursing & Midwifery leadership team, that a vision would provide

  • meaning and purpose to plan the future with imagination and wisdom
  •  It would be an inspirational statement which was consistent with the purpose and values of our business at all levels of Nursing & Midwifery    
  •  It would inspire us to do our best consistently and in any circumstance. In other words it would reinforce to us as nurses and midwives why we work here

logos.pngOf course there are many other behaviours that we as nurses and midwives enact – but this is the core set of behaviours prioritised by us - that if followed every day, in all that we do, will ensure that we are doing our best.

Each of them develop and contribute to our workplace culture. They will impact on every aspect of how things get done at work: how we make decisions, how we problem solve, how we create and innovate, how we work together, and how we succeed as a profession and as a hospital.


Productive Ward

vision.pngThe Productive Ward focuses on improving ward systems, processes and environments to help clinical staff spend more time on patient care, thereby improving both safety and efficiency.

Following several successful years of implementation, St George reviewed the modules of the productive ward series to ensure we were maintaining relevance and meaningfulness for the site.

The clinical staff have undertaken work on improving medication safety, staff wellbeing and assessment and observations

The clinical staff enjoy the freedom the initiative gives them to make decisions and positively influence the changes required in their environments.


Staff Health & Wellbeing project


As a part of the Work Health Safety Committee the St George Hospital Staff Health & Wellbeing program was launched in November 2017.

With the intention to better invest in our staff and to improve their health and wellbeing the committee members decided to develop a hospital wide Wellbeing Program. With the creation of the wellbeing logo the philosophy of the program is To care for others well, WE must be well.

The program will include a number of classes and activities aimed at promoting and enhancing wellbeing both physically and mentally for staff. The objective is to improve the health and wellbeing of our workforce with the intention of making work a safe and enjoyable place to be. As a result improving staff morale, culture and fundamentally patient care and satisfaction.


Future NUM/MUMs program

future.pngThe Future NUM/MUMs Program is a NUM/MUM management training program for the development of our future leaders.

Staff who are interested in pursuing a career in leadership and management are supported through a structured program that includes education days, supernumerary days with the Nursing Executive as well as allocation of a mentor NUM/MUM who the staff member shadow’s. Following this part of the program, the Future NUM/MUMs are allocated periods of leave relief opportunities across the facility for the year.

The intention is they learn the essential skills and functions of ward/unit management from key nursing and midwifery management personnel and service providers across the organisation. The annual tailored program has proven successful for previous applicants who are now in permanent management positions or long term relief secondments across the campus.


St George Next Step Nurse Managers Program

nextstep.pngThe St George Hospital Nursing and Midwifery Service have a strong history of successfully taking clinical staff with the passion and motivation for leading and managing teams and developing them into exceptional Nurse and Midwifery Unit Managers.

In 2018 we are developing our current NUMs/MUMs group into Nurse and Midwifery Managers with the opportunity to undergo training in a structured and supported program that includes education days, supernumerary days with the Nursing Executive as well as allocation of a mentor Nurse Manager. The aim of the program is to develop already experienced managers with higher level skills to relieve in management positions