Centre for Research in Nursing and Health

Welcome to the Centre for Research in Nursing and Health (CRNH)

The Centre is a joint initiative between the School of Nursing University of Wollongong and St George Hospital and is accessible to all staff within the two institutions for research purposes.

The aim of the Centre is to enhance evidence based health care in nursing and midwifery through knowledge generation, knowledge transfer and knowledge implementation.

The Centre has established an extensive program of nursing research, education and postgraduate research training and supervision. We are working with clinicians in SESLHD to:

  1. Conduct research
  2. Develop, Implement and evaluate evidence based guidelines and
  3. Promote best practice

We work closely with the clinical facilities across SESLHD and the majority of projects are in collaboration with clinicians.

We encourage staff to this web site and contact us to talk about research.