Program of Research

Health and Cultural Diversity

  • Crowne Plaza International Research team Study
    • Emotional wellbeing among pre-registered nurses across three continents
    • Psychometric testing of the Mental Health index in Arabic students
  • Measuring Acculturation and Health of Indian women Living in Australia (MAHILA)
    • Psychometric testing of acculturation instrument
    • Heart disease among Asian Indian women
  • Developing elements of Effective Interventions for Heart Disease Reduction and Maintenance in Asian Indians Living in Australia (DHARMA) Project
    • Medications adherence in Asian Indian communities
  • Blood donation among African communities


Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety

  • Peripheral vascular devices following breast surgery
    • Experiences of women relating to cannulation
    • Survey of current canulation practices
  • Safe Administration of Medications (SAM)
    • Attitudes towards Opiod administration
    • Medication safety among transitional nurses
    • Medication adherence
  • Falls prevention
    • Preventing harm from falls in acute settings
    • Preventing harm from falls in aged care settings
  • Total parenteral nutrition
  • Prevention and management of Acute Wounds
    • Water for wound cleansing
    • Pressure ulcer prevention
  • Clinical informatics
    • Point of care technology
    • Improving patient safety in patients following bypass surgery (CABG)


Chronic Disease Management

  • Wrist to Heart (W2H) Keeping the artery open
    • ATLAS AnxieTy, health Literacy and radial Artery Spasm
    • Ulnar artery cannulation
    • Radial artery occlusion
    • Health literacy in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary procedures
  • Heart disease
    • Radiation prevention in interventional cardiologists
    • Sternal stabilization treatments
    • Surgical site infections
  • Prevention and management of Chronic Wounds 
    • Water for wound cleansing
    • Quality of life of patients with chronic wounds
  • Cancer Care
    • Quality of life of patients following Peritonectomy
    • Quality of life of carers of patients having Peritonectomy
    • Health literacy in patients having Peritonectomy
    • Health literacy in patients having Ciirhosis of the liver


Education and Workforce Development

  • Nursing perceptions of workplace environment
  • Pursuit of Clinical Excellence Among Clinical Nurse Consultants- PEC Study
  • Postgraduate students’ attitude about statistics (SATS)
  • CNE leadership and mentorship
  • Productive ward


Research Methodologies

  • Systematic reviews meta-analysis and meta-synthesis
  • Psychometric testing and instrument development
  • Cross sectional surveys
  • Mixed methods
  • Translational research