Information for Research Students

The Centre for Research in Nursing and Health has a strong program for Higher Research Degree Students.  The collaboration between the Sydney South East area health Service and the University of Wollongong provide a diverse range of research topics that maintain a primary focus. 
Prospective research students are advised to contact the Centre for Research in Nursing and Health to obtain further details regarding entry requirements and supervision information. 

Higher Degree Research Programs

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • A PhD requires that candidates undertake in-depth research in order to make an original contribution to the body of knowledge in their chosen studies.
  • A PhD can lead to or enhance an academic career and is highly regarded by private and public sector employers. 
  • For full-time students the course length is usually between two to four years, and four to eight years for part-time students.
  • For further information about specific degrees search under faculties.

Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) (PhD I)

The PhD (Integrated) is a four-year research degree which integrates a traditional three-year PhD thesis with one-year of coursework, comprising generic research training and discipline-specific content into a single degree.  

The coursework provides candidates with the opportunity to develop their research skills while allowing additional time to develop a detailed research topic, therefore providing greater certainty and better completion outcomes in the thesis.

The coursework also allows candidates to take individual subjects in a specific discipline area, thereby providing a deeper level of content from which to draw potential research themes.  International students intending to become university researchers and teachers in their home country will benefit from exposure to Australian teaching methods through the inclusion of these ‘taught’ coursework subjects.  

The PhD Integrated is therefore ideal for applicants who aspire to graduate with a PhD and who:

  • Want a flexible program which includes a selection of ‘taught’ subjects included in a specific discipline area of their interest;
  • Need further time and to develop a detailed research proposal; or
  • Need to develop their research training skills in order to demonstrate their capacity to undertake the major research thesis.

Master of Philosophy

A Masters of Philosophy is a research degree which:

  • Provides specialised research training for those preparing for careers in academia, government and industry; and to provide professionals with the means to increase their knowledge and upgrade their qualifications.
  • Is between one to two years in length for full time students, and two to four years for part-time students.
  • This degree has over 30 specialisations, tailored to suit each discipline area.

Master of Research (MRes)

The Master of Research is a research training pathway degree:

  • MRes is preparation for doctoral students
  • For full time students 2 years study
  • Domestic students enroll first in the BRes (48cp one year degree) and receive 48cp advance standing into the second year of the MRes
  • Graduates

Professional Doctorates

The University offers a number of professional doctorates in  the Faculties of Law, Humanities and the Arts, Social Sciences, and Science, Medicine and Health, and the Sydney Business School.

  • Professional doctorates prepares professional leaders with research experience in their chosen area of study.
  • A candidate for a professional doctorate usually enrols in a research subject comprising a thesis and undertakes an approved study which may include specified course and/or practical work and/or performance as recommended by the Head.