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Welcome to St George Paediatrics

We provide high-quality paediatric specialist healthcare for the infants, children and young people of our local community.

October 2023

Outpatient Clinics

If your child needs an urgent medical review it is important to visit a general practitioner [GP] within working hours.  
For true emergencies after hours please dial 000 or attend the paediatric emergency department.

New Referrals

We prefer online referrals to ensure your referral is triaged in a timely fashion.

Please use EITHER the GP Referral form below OR ConsultMed.

New referrals will are triaged within 10 working days.  We prioritise urgent cases however in general the clinics are very full.

Please be aware there may be a delay of up to several months before you are offered an appointment.

St George paediatrics offers both in-person and Tele-health consultations.

If you believe we have misunderstood the complexity or urgency of your child’s appointment please contact us by email on

Request a Script

Many scripts can be written by your GP. 
For specialist medications, if your child has been seen in the St George Paediatric Outpatient Clinic in the past 12 months, please click the CONTACT US link below and fill in the form.


GP's Online Referral Form
GP's Online Referral Form

ConsultMed allows easy tracking of online referrals. Currently only  available for health professionals soon families will be able to upload their referrals too. If you are unable to upload to ConsultMed please email us your referral. 

Contact us
Contact Us

Please contact us here at any time

Clinic Visit Preparation online
Clinic Visit Preparation online

What concerns they would you like us to address during the clinic appointment?