Postnatal Care (After the Birth)

1 South Maternity Ward

The maternity ward (1 South) offers care for antenatal and postnatal inpatient women. The dedicated and experienced team on in the maternity ward is culturally diverse and provide high quality woman-centred care. We offer an array of services from our midwifery and medical teams, as well as social work, perinatal mental health, physiotherapists, breastfeeding and lactation support.

The midwives in the maternity ward endeavour to create a positive environment for you through education and support, encouraging your confidence, and ensuring your baby has the best start in life.

St George Hospital is a Baby Friendly Health Initiative (BFHI) accredited Hospital. This means we follow the WHO/UNICEF: Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. While you are an inpatient in the maternity ward, your baby will stay with you at your bedside day and night (unless they need to be admitted to our Special Care Nursery. This practice will help you to bond with your baby, learn to care for them and breastfeed.

While you are an inpatient in the maternity ward the midwives will check on your and your baby’s health and support you to learn to care for and feed your baby. You and your support person are encouraged to attend our ‘early days with your baby’ classes which are held at 10.30 most mornings which cover breastfeeding, settling, bathing and where to get further support after you go home. We suggest you come on the day after your baby’s birth. There is no need to book-in, just come along to the Parenting Room in the maternity ward.

The average length of stay after your baby is born is around 48 hours. After you are discharged home, we may be able to offer you follow up by our Midwifery Support Program (MSP, see below). If you have any questions or concerns about yourself or your baby in the first two weeks after the birth, we encourage you to call your midwife, the MSP team, or the midwives in the maternity ward for guidance.

The maternity ward visiting hours are 9am to 9pm for your support person and 3pm to 8pm for other visitors.

Telephone 9113 3145 for enquiries and appointments.


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  • ​​​​​​Breastfeeding Information
  • Having a Baby in NSW
  • NSW Hearing Screening Program.  A free hearing screen is offered to all babies born in NSW. The ‘SWISH’ program helps identify babies who may have hearing loss. This hearing screen is done when baby is asleep and settled. The hearing screener will explain the test and ask for your consent before your baby is screened. Please Click here for more information.

Hearing Screen

Early Days Session – Maternity Ward video
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Postnatal Physiotherapy
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Post-Birth Exercises After you go Home
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The Midwifery Support Program (MSP) continues to care for mothers and their babies at home following a Hospital stay of up to two days following a vaginal birth or up to three days following a caesarean. This service is available to women within the St George Hospital local area. On occasion you may be invited to attend the maternity ward for your care instead of being visited at home. If you live outside the local area, you may be referred to your local Hospital’s program depending on availability.

At St George Hospital, we encourage women who are eligible, to go home on MSP. MSP allows you to be comfortable in your own home environment while still receiving the midwifery care that you and your baby need. During the visits, the midwife will check your health and your baby’s health, and provide support and advice about postnatal care, feeding and caring for your baby.

Whilst you are on the program we offer a combination of home visits, phone calls and no contact days. Your midwife will normally visit between the hours of 9am and 4pm (no appointment times are given). You will be on the program until your baby is five to seven days old depending on your individual needs.
If you have any questions or concerns about yourself or your baby in the first two weeks after the birth, we encourage you to call your midwife, the MSP team, or the midwives in the maternity ward for guidance. After this you will link in with Child and Family Health services who will provide care and advice until your child is five years old.

Midwifery Support Program - Brochure

Enquiries: 9113 3148
Advice and support (Maternity Ward, 24 hours): 9113 3187

Support After you go Home
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