GP hotline

The hotline will allow GPs to directly discuss patients they would like to refer for acute review with a paediatric senior registrar by telephoning 9113-1925.

Administrators hope that this will further reduce the pressure on the ED for GPs wanting acute paediatric review for their patients not likely to need admission.

In July 2013, staff introduced a paediatric acute-care outpatient clinic to meet ED National Emergency Access Targets (NEAT).  This clinic allowed staff to divert and review paediatric patients referred by GPs to the ED.

Figures reveal the success of the acute-care outpatient clinic.  Over the last four months more than 90 per cent of paediatric patients presenting to the ED have been either discharged home, or admitted to hospital within four hours of arrival. 

In December 2013, figures show that 94 per cent of more than 1,200 paediatric presentations to the ED were treated within the four hour timeframe.

St George Hospital staff have introduced a paediatric acute care hotline for GPs that will reduce waiting times in the ED and provide prompt specialist care for children.