Outpatient Clinics and MRI

St George has both general paediatric and subspecialty paediatric clinics for children who live in our local area.

As these are public clinics your referral will be reviewed weekly and you are not able to choose your paediatrician.  Please note most of our new referrals are seen by a senior trainee with close supervision by a consultant paediatrician. 

We prefer online referrals. This makes it easier to track and triage your referral.

To make a new referral or request a script (existing patients only) please choose an online option from our homepage by clicking here.

Clinic Locations

Clinics occur in a several different places around the hospital and vary depending on the day and clinician.  Please check your appointment details carefully!

 - Level 1 Children's Ward
 - Level 1 Burt Neilsen Wing
 - Ground Floor Pritchard Wing

Little Dragon Clinic

Most new referrals and hospital follow-up appointments will take place with our Fellow in the Little Dragon Clinic.

Subspecialty Paediatric clinics

We have specialist paediatric clinics for:

  • Endocrinology
  • Allergy/immunology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neurology
  • Genetics
  • CUPS
  • Eating Disorders
  • Multidisciplinary Paediatric Feeding Service
  • MRI under General Anaesthetic (paediatrician referral only)

Being a scarce resource, all referrals to these clinics need to first be managed by a general paediatrician.

The waiting period for new referrals to these clinics are usually greater than 6 months.  Alternatively, paediatric subspecialist clinics are also available through the SCHN tertiary hospitals network.

MRI under General Anaesthetic

We are able to offer a limited number of MRIs under general anaesthetic to children over 12 months of age who live in the St George and Sutherland areas only.  Please click here for a map to check the SESLHD boundaries.  Families who live within the Northern Sector should be referred to Randwick. 

This service can only be accessed by referral from a paediatrician or paediatric medical specialist.

A parent / carer fact sheet on the anaesthetic and fasting times is available here.

All MRI referrals are triaged.

For specialists who would like to refer a child, please complete the following forms.  Unfortunately we cannot offer a booking until all the forms have been received:

1. MRI under GA consent form

2. Recommendation for Admission

3. MRI safety screening form

You can download all 3 forms by clicking here

Please email the forms to Helen Barrett and Dr Chris Elliot for triage and scheduling.

Clinic Visit Preparation Online

Prior to the hospital clinic appointment, we are inviting families to send us information on what concerns they would like us to address with them during the clinic appointment.