Pregnancy Information

These are the topics for pregnancy information

Aerial photo of The Sutherland Hospital
Welcome to Maternity Services

Video tour of maternity services at The Sutherland Hospital

Healthy food in pregnancy
Nutrition in Pregnancy

Video about healthy eating, weight gain, and nutrition in pregnancy

When to call the midwives
When to Call the Midwives

Video about common issues in pregnancy and when to call the midwives

Baby's Movements
Baby's Movements

Information about baby's movements during pregnancy

Vitamin K Information
Vitamin K for Newborns

Video about Vitamin K supplementation for newborn babies

Hepatitis B Vaccine information
Hepatitis B Vaccine

Video about the Hepatitis B Vaccine for newborns

Pregnancy Care at The Sutherland Hospital
Pregnancy Care at The Sutherland Hospital

Brief infomation about models of care at TSH

Investigations in Pregnancy
Investigations in Pregnancy

Information about tests and scans in pregnancy

Vaccines in pregnancy
Immunisations in Pregnancy

Information about recommended immunisations in pregnancy

Antenatal Expressing
Antenatal Expressing

Information about expressing colostrum in pregnancy

Postdates Management
Postdates Pregnancy

Information about pregnancy after 41 weeks