Neonatal Nursing Guidelines

Antineoplastic Medications - Administration in Newborn Care Centre

Arterial Line - Blood Sampling

Arterial Line - Peripheral intra-arterial line set up

Blood Cultures – Blood Culture Collecting Technique

Blood Pressure Monitoring in Newborn Care Centre

Breastfeeding - First Expression - refer LOPs  Refer to LOPs Lactation/Infant Feeding topic

Chest Drain - set up

Continuous Enteral Feeding

Cooling Therapy - Tecotherm Neo Set up

Deteriorating Neonate - Recognition and management inside Newborn Care Centre

Drager Babylog VN 500 set up


Enteral Feed Warming - Calesca

Eye – Administration of eye drops to the neonate

Eye – Preparing the neonate for eye examination

Eye - Sticky eye care for neonates - Refer to LOPs Neonatal Topic

Heel prick for blood sampling

Humidification - Drager Isolette

Humidified and heated gas for preterm infants at birth

Intra-abdominal Pressure Monitoring in Neonates

Intragastric Tube Insertion and Maintenan

Intravenous Line Management

Immuno-Supportive Oral Care (ISOC)

Kangaroo Care – Guide to Providing Kangaroo Care

Mobile phones and other communications devices - cleaning

MRI - Med Vac Restrainer

Nasal ETT strapping

NAVA Nursing Management for Invasive Mode

NAVA Nursing Management for Non-Invasive Mode

NAVA set up

Neonatal abstinence syndrome - management - Refer to LOPs Neonatal Topic

Neonatal Observations Guideline - Refer to RHW LOPs Neonatal Topic

Pain Assessment Tool - Utilising the premature infant Pain Profile

Pasteurised Donor Human Milk - Newborn Care Centre

Peripheral Intravenous Cannula Insertion and Dressing

PICC Insertion

PICC Line – Insertion of percutaneous intravenous central catheter (video)

PICC Removal

Post-operative Care

Replogle Tube - Setup and Insertion of Replogle Tube

Sterile aseptic procedures - scrubbing and closed gloving

Surfactant – Administering surfactant via ETT

Swaddled bathing of neonates

Total Parenteral Nutrition - Infusion Line Change

Transfer of Infant from Incubator to Cot

Transfer of Neonate between NCC and Operating Theatre

Transfusion of Blood Products

Transpyloric Tube Placement and Management

Ventilated Infant for Kangaroo Parent Care