Our Community

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital provides emergency, general and specialist medical services to residents living in the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD), NSW and nationally. 

Nearly two-thirds of all inpatients at Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital are not residents of SESLHD, reflecting the state-wide specialist role of the hospital.

Annually, there are more than 37,000 attendances to the Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital Emergency Department which is primarily utilised by workers and residents in the CBD, tourists and people who are experiencing homelessness.

The hospital provides around 23,644 bed days each year and 373,519 non-admitted occasions of service, as reflected in the 2012-2017 SESLHD Heathcare Services Plan.

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital is located in the Sydney Local Government Area, which has a population of around 169,505 people, of which 74,587 were born in Australia and 2176 identify as being Indigenous.

The latest census figures show that the median age of people living in the local government area is 32 years of age.

Clinical services provided at the hospital include the Emergency Department (for eyes and general) and Outpatient Departments (eyes, general and hands). Clinical wards include eyes, hands, Ear Nose and Throat and general medicine, as well as the Peri-Operative Suite.

The hospital is a quaternary referral unit for eye diseases, providing surgical and medical management of vitreo-retinal, corneal, glaucoma, oculo-plastic, uveitis, and oculo-oncology conditions.

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital has a dedicated Hand Unit and is a tertiary referral centre for trauma, abnormalities and diseases of the hand.