Equipment Costs


The appliances listed below are available for purchase through the hospital. Costs may vary to what is indicated below.   

Item Amount

Crutches  $20.00
Shoulder Immobiliser  $20.00
Knee Immobiliser or Zimmer Splint  $30.00
Cam Boot  $60.00
Waterproof Cast  $50.00
Walking stick - timber  $20.00
Walking stick - aluminium  $20.00
Knee Brace - hinged  $70.00
Dynacast - per roll  $10.00
Dynacast Padding - per roll  $15.00
Wrist Splint  $20.00

NB:  All patients must pay for all equipment at the time it is issued, including Workers' Compensation and Medicare Ineligible patients.  There is no capacity to bill for appliances retrospectively.
Workers' Compensation patients may claim reimbursement from their insurer